Expat Insider Seminar- January 2020






Looking to get your PLAN “B” off the ground?

(How’s that PLAN “B” coming along anyway?)   HI EVERYONE, Johnny Mueller here (Host of the radio/podcast/YouTube show “THE EXPAT FILES- Living in Latin America”*)

Mark your calendar for Friday, January 10th thru Thursday, January 16th, 2020**… for my next “off the GRINGO tourist trail”, boots-on-the-ground Latin American adventure.



Why is that? I have been doing my “Expat Insider” seminars since 2010, and one of the questions I often get is “Johnny, why in and around Guatemala? Why not do it in another Latin country or two?”  This time we will be doing just that. We’ll be in and around Guatemala AND the country of EL SALVADOR (just south of, and sharing a border with Guatemala). **If you wish to apply for Guatemalan residency be sure to plan on-staying another 7 working days immediately after the seminar. That way you can save a trip down and kill two birds with one stone. We will make the hotel/ accommodation and transportation arrangements for you.  And don’t worry, you won’t be stuck in a hotel for that week either. Our amazing Seminar coordinator Rita is in charge of arranging “boots on the ground” trips and tours. For example, you might want to see the towns around Lake Atitlan (the most beautiful lake in the world) including extended “boots on the ground” adventures in Antigua, Guatemala City. Or you might want to see the most desirable burbs and residential areas that are recommended for gringos and expats and much, much more. Rita has a nice variety of pre and post seminar excursions to hook you up with. As soon as you sign up for the seminar she will be in touch by email, Skype and/or WhatsApp to help you arrange everything having to do with the seminar, and those after seminar “boots on the ground” excursions.  


After living many years down here and making many great contacts and connections, my Expat Insider team and I offer what no other seminar can: a private personal glimpse of Latin commercial, manufacturing, education, healthcare, banking, I.T., real estate, business and more that you will NEVER get at other Expat events! In fact, many of the places we’ll visit go are unknown by tourists, even long-term expats. Many of these doors are open only for my small group.


#1- A world famous Bitcoin / crypto-currency expert (a seminar alumnus and Bitcoin multi-millionaire) will speak about world changing crypto-currency events. He’ll discuss the scams, the realities and how you can still get in on huge profits yet to come(he’s betting on a second round crypto boom coming very soon). Of course he’ll answer all your crypto questions!! #2- We’ll also have an Expat cryptocurrency miner(self described anarchist) who has been consistently making money mining Bitcoin and many other “alt-coins” since way way back in the crypto cowboy days- back when there were no other “alt-coins” at all like etherium, litecoin, dash, etc., only Bitcoin. He is THE crypto mining expert.  


  • $3495 per person
  • $5495 for couples or two people sharing hotel accommodations

The Price Includes:

  • All presentations and seminar materials
  • Seven nights accommodations in deluxe Hotels including taxes (includes your Friday, January 10th arrival night through Friday morning checkout on January 16th)
  • All transportation once you land at the Guatemalan International airport (GUA)
  • All breakfasts
  • Friday January 10th “Orientation” and Saturday “Meet and Greet” welcome reception
  • Personal introductions to business contacts, fellow expats, and professional legal and tax resources
  • Coffee breaks and snacks


    REGISTRATION IS EASY Use one of the following methods: #1. PAYPAL or credit card in one payment:
#2. In Three Equal Payments (spaced equally apart until the seminar) :  

Ok! Now Here’s Our Seminar plan:

#1- We’ll visit businesses and factories* owned by long term US Expats who’ve had some amazing success (and failure) stories. Every Expat “gonnabee” wants to know how so many average first-world guys and gals from Cleveland or Detroit achieve such unusual success down here… especially with most arriving with zero Spanish, no contacts, and often very limited funds. Here’s your chance to see and hear how life really is for gringos “south of the border”, and well off-the-tourist-trail, from the Expats themselves- instead of from so-called internet expat “experts” (with their thinly disguised real estate pitches). That means we’ll be rubbing elbows and having lunch and dinner with owner/operator Expat friends of mine. And they’ll be more than glad to connect with you as new friends after the seminar as well to discuss your own business thoughts and ideas. And believe me, as soon as you get here the business ideas will really start bubbling up! (Now tell me; where can you get a promise like that from those big “International Living” type cattle-call seminars of 250 people or more?) #2- We’ll have a guided tour of a very first-world hospital complex and medical specialty center presented by English speaking medical doctors and specialists. You’ll see exactly how ultra-affordable full-coverage medical insurance plans work down here… plans that Expats can sign on to, with no waiting period, age limit or physical required! We’ll show you both single and family plans available for as little as $75 per month that include a dental plan, drug plan, and life insurance!

Not possible you say? You’ll see. Yes, you’ll see….

#3- We’ll check out that out-of-control commercial and residential real estate bubble (cracking around the edges and about ready to pop) and show you insider tricks to take full advantage as it blows. #4- We’ll slog through one of the biggest, craziest, most chaotic fresh produce, food and pirated goods market in Latin America (an absolute eye-opener that even few long-term Expats get to experience). Once there you’ll see hundreds of people hawking and buying goods at a fourth or less of first world prices- with not a first world person to be seen (except in our little group of course) and not a single word of English spoken either! But don’t worry, we’ll have our crack bilingual translator ladies along at all times to answer and translate all of your questions, and more. #5- There will also be many surprises and fantastic “boots on the ground” stops: way too many to list here…

Talk about the Gringo Advantage!!!


What makes my “Insider” Seminar different?

This is definitely not your typical International Living style “cattle call” seminar… no real-estate pitch…no hidden sales pitch at all. Just the opposite. I’ll urge you NOT to buy any real estate, not yet anyway. And while we’re on our real estate tour you’ll see the “bubble” in all its bloated glory. You’ll see why its a fantastic “renter’s” market right now and hear insider tips on how and when to scoop up future deals for 25 cents on the dollar. More importantly, when the time comes you’ll find out how to really low-ball the sellers and learn what NOT to buy at any price (no matter how great the deal looks).


Note again that our group will be small. That means during classes, meals, and on the road boots-on-the-ground, we’ll all be hanging together as a tight little group, most all of the time. We’ll also be hanging out with some Expats and Expat business people that I’ll introduce along the way. Many will tag along at our dinners, etc. Meaning there will be some intense networking going on. So think about it…with such an arrangement, don’t be surprised when some of us end up lifelong friends and even business partners (that happens with all of my seminars).  


Mr. James P., who attended both my “Expat Insider” Seminar and the latest INTERNATIONAL LIVING SEMINAR, had this to say about that “OTHER” mega-seminar:
…Yes, previously I attended one of those big, widely promoted INTERNATIONAL LIVING seminars in Panama. It was all good material, but basically stuff you can get staying home and surfing the net yourself… and believe me, you can forget about actually schmoozing one-on-one with any of the speakers… you’re lucky to get a ‘hello’, a handshake and a “selfie” at the meet-and-greet. Oh yeah, and people did try to push their pet real estate projects. As for boots-on-the-ground… you get plenty: walking from salon to salon at the hotel and around that maze of an airport…

You get the picture? You must get real “insider” BOOTS-ON-THE-GROUND experiences (jam packed in my seminar) or the trip will be just another fun, tropical vacation.


What people are saying about my seminars:

Johnny, Now that I am back on my treadmill, I am taking a few moments out to thank you for a great seminar. You kept your promise and provided more information that you could squeeze into our time together…. One of the things that most Expats worry about is if they will meet people that they can become best friends with when they move to a strange country. The seminar made me realize that most of the people who are Expats are looking for the same things that I am. It makes it very easy to bond. We had so much in common that everyone seems to be thinking the same thoughts… Chris & BJ
___________________________   Check out the following seminar review….  
Hey Johnny, Just in case I have not said it enough, thank you for all your info and attention to detail. The entire week was fun, comfortable, and informative. You are just a wealth of info. I’m back in the states now (I only wish my neighborhood smelled like that coffee plantation….) It took me awhile to get back in the groove of things here, mainly because I did not want to. I find myself daydreaming about all the business potential back there. It just keeps flowing through my mind, new ideas keep hitting me, again and again. I can only imagine how many great ideas would come to me after only a month of being there. Aaron
_________________________     Then there’s this great comment from a married couple….  
What a great event! Well we couldn’t have asked for more. And when I got back I hit the good ol’ US like a wall, when right when we got to Houston they harassed my wife and we had FIVE security checkpoints. Believe me it was a slap in the face to reality…but the highlight of the trip other than the beauty of Antigua and Lake Atitlan (incredible) was the amazing UFM Libertarian University. To see an environment of education that embodies the lessons of freedom lost up here in the land of liberty deep in the so- called third world was so refreshing and impressed me to no end! That said, everything we did was valuable and enjoyable. Now back to “educating” my better half to get her back down! Dale
  __________________________ How about a few words from another married couple who stayed on an additional month after the seminar to explore their own boots-on-the-ground experiences …  
Dear Johnny, I thought it was all so interesting and the translator gals were fabulous. They made a huge, huge difference in ordering meals and explaining things. They were so patient and caring and really available. Even when I imagine they might have been tired they were right there ready to assist…. and Attorney Jose is amazing, really helpful too. He seems like one who can really be trusted. The presentation on the insurance plans was very comprehensive and well-presented … Finally, thank you, Johnny.  It is a real boon to get your perspective. We have extended our trip and are off having our own experiences and learning as we go. I only wish I had more language under my belt but that will come. Alisen

Then we have this unsolicited letter an attendee sent not to me, but to Richard Martin, host of a very popular finance-themed international radio/podcast show……

Hello Richard, …..I wanted to send you a short note about Johnny Mueller’s recent seminar in Guatemala. I attended the seminar expecting to see 3rd world squalor and crime, with the hope of actually “ruling out” moving away from the good old U.S, Land of the Free. Well, that didn’t exactly happen… Guatemala turned out to be a true gem, what a beautiful country with everything you can imagine, along with the nicest people to boot. I’ve been to many seminars and this seminar was fantastic – extremely well-done and very well-organized. It’s one thing to read about something and another thing entirely to see it first-hand “boots on the ground.” It was great to be able to spend time with other like-minded people and a real treasure to spend time and chat with Johnny and his associates – suffice it to say he’s the real deal. This was a first-class seminar all the way from the tours, the transportation, the beautiful coordination/language assistants, the other attendees and connections, the food, the lodging, and the legal information and connections. Everything went smoothly, no hiccups at all – even in the rainy season! I would very highly recommend this seminar to anyone else considering moving abroad and am currently formulating a plan to relocate….. Expat “gonnabee”, Jeff
  And now here’s a short two-minute audio clip that attendee DAVE sent. Just click on the tab. You’ll really want to hear it…         WE HAVE REPEAT OFFENDERS TOO…. Some people come not once or twice, but THREE TIMES!  

Now some audio comments from past seminar attendees:

… just click on any of the buttons below and pay special attention to what these folks say about the dangers and their perceptions of insecurity in Latin America- what their own preconceived notions were before coming down versus the REALITIES after having “boots on the ground”.   The seminar will take place in Guatemala and El Salvador Now as you know, Guatemala and  and El Salvador and nearly all of Latin America get bad marks on the US State Department website and from the first-world media in general. But there are hundreds of towns, cities and neighborhoods that are as safe as Boise, Idaho- though the US media paints the whole region with the same brush. (A good thing for expats, a strange irony which we cover fully in the seminar!) So, if you want a reality check regarding insecurity and crime on the trip, listen to what our past seminar attendees say about what it was like for them down. Just click on the names below… (or skip it and move on) KYLE:     BILL:     ELLA:      

Now for more of our cast of characters…

  • Johnny Mueller (me):
If you don’t know me by my radio/podcast show, “THE EXPAT FILES-Living in Latin America”, then do download or stream some of my 890 plus radio shows and 150 plus YouTube shows: available free on www.progressiveradionetwork.com, PRN.FM, I-tunes, Stitcher, www.Podbean.com, www.TheNewExpat.com, YouTube and many other outlets (just do a web search) In a nutshell: for twenty-seven plus years I have lived in and around all twenty Latin countries and produced and hosted various talk shows broadcasting from Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Honduras and major Latin America markets, logging in well over 2000 hours of live radio time. With first-world (useless) MBA and an (extremely useful) Engineering degree, I made my mark in the states long before smart phones, Big Brother and the internet (which means I’m an old school analog guy). I’ve also done well with diverse Latin based businesses (and flubbed a few too), and built a dozen houses in four different Latin countries. I was that “clueless gringo” amateur contractor who came down without knowing a lick of Spanish, thinking I knew everything. After all, I built a few houses in the states. Boy was I wrong! I’m embarrassed now to admit it took me a good 5 years to effectively communicate with my own cleaning lady! (and yes, even expats living on a simple SS check can afford a cleaning lady and a gardener). I admit to being a language dunce, but it proves the point that any first-world person with less than kindergarten Spanish can skid along nicely on what I call “The Gringo Advantage*”.
*If you don’t know about it already, the “Gringo Advantage’ is a special Cinderella effect we gringos have in Latin America. It does have a counterpart up in the first world… for example, when your average British guy lands on US soil, as soon as he opens his mouth he gets the ‘visiting dignitary’ treatment from everyone, even if he was just a plain old cabdriver back in the UK. I call that the “British Advantage”. The “Gringo Advantage” is like that, but more so and better! We gringos get special treatment in Latin America (though it takes a while before we realize it). Once you land here (especially off the tourist trail) it’s like instantly adding 2 or 3 points to the standard one to ten scale you had back in the states.
My #1 achievement? Discovering how to live extraordinarily well on a small fraction of the money it took me to live the good life back in the states… with none of that killer first-world stress. None of that happened until I’d spent a few years stepping in potholes along the way (My job is to teach you how to sidestep that stuff!) At the seminar, we’ll be showing you that special “Gringo Advantage” and its magic effects in crucial areas like business, marketing and social relationships. Now I know it’s quite un–PC to talk about such unjust things but hey, why not take advantage of it while you can? After all, Latin America is about the last place left on earth where the locals still actually respect and admire us gringos. All you have to do is visit practically anywhere else in the rest of the world to see that Now that “Gringo Advantage I’m talking about is a godsend in business too. Expats, with their inborn first-world-know-how and attention to detail have a far better chance at business success here than they ever could or would have stateside. Up there it’s a highly-regulated and expensive rat race with cutthroat competition. Down here for example, Latin businesses have almost no concept of customer service – which is often the key to success in businesses up North. Expats excel because all of our lives we’ve been exposed to competition, customer service, cleanliness, ergonomics and fine-tuned business efficiency. That stuff comes natural to us whether we know it or not… or at least we know what NOT to do!   Note that once you get rolling in Business down here and have your paperwork in order, those toothless, lazy, Latin government regulating agencies simply leave you alone! What a godsend! Its a painful fact that 9 out of 10 first-world small businesses up in the states FAIL in the first two years. And when newly arrived first-world gringos mention dismal stats like that to us long-time Expats, we just think, “Obviously pal, you haven’t been down in Latin America very long!”  

OK, back to our seminar’s cast of characters……

  • Our Latin Legal Specialist, Seminar Attorney–José:
He has a huge resume but I’ll cut it short… Jose and his father (a past presidential cabinet member, but we won’t hold that against him) – are principals in a law firm that’s been around for 30 years. Jose does know his way through the bureaucracy and BS. Whether you’re planning to retire, buy property, get residency, invest, open an S.A corporation, do a complicated or plain vanilla business start-up… he’s an Expat’s best friend. If you’re planning on setting up offshore accounts, corporations, trusts, etc., just meeting Jose and hearing what he as to say is worth much more than the cost of this or anyone’s seminar event (people tell me that all the time). And of course expats love him for his ability to work out both the easy and the tough details of things like intellectual property issues, trademark, copyrights, title transfers, etc. Oh, and he’s been a law school university professor too and speaks almost perfect English. But being Latino, he is also on “manana time”.. but so is everybody else down here!  That’s part of why Latinos live  healthier and more stress free lives (but you knew that already).         Our Secret Weapons – The Bilingual Brigade: On my “Expat Files” show I mention average gringos (or gringas) can come down to Latin American without knowing much or any Spanish at all. And yet we still rise to the top of the heap without much effort just by being our good old natural first-world selves. It’s part of our “Gringo Advantage”. But it takes time to get oriented and meet the right people. One of the ways you can use your inborn first-world opportunity-spotting skills from day one is to hire a Latin American 100% bilingual secretary/Girl Friday – and of course if you wish, she or he will double as a tour guide and all round trouble shooter too. What do I mean by troubleshooter? It’s like this, when you hire a local translator born and raised in let’s say Panahachel, Guatemala, she will know a few things about that town and general area you and I could never know…like someone from Cleveland knows, well…Cleveland! That means if you spot a nice cheap property in at a fire sale in the local paper, just by knowing the address, and without even seeing the area, she’ll know exactly what kind of neighborhood it and what kind of services are available, the infrastructure, the stores, the zoning, the general feel and attitude of the area and the mix of business and residential. She’ll know if dogs bark at night, kids kick balls at all hours in the streets, and she’ll know if its “hospital zone” quiet or polluted with noisy Chicken buses. Most importantly, a local person like her will know how safe and secure the area is night and day. You get the picture? Down here you can hire a person like that full-time for $300 – $500 a month, or by the week or day. Well guess what? We’ll have a few of our very own 100% bilingual translator/concierge ladies on our Seminar “Insider” team. They’ll be at all of our outings day and night so you need not worry a bit about your bad or nonexistent Spanish. Our secret weapons will help you with anything you might need so don’t panic if you plan on doing some exploring or need to accomplish some special mission while you’re down here. ______________________________________________________________    


  ARRIVAL DAY: You must arrive and be checked in to our first hotel in Guatemala City by FRIDAY, JANUARY 10th (or sooner, since you may want to do some exploring on your own or with one of our expat concierge ladies), because we will be off and running at 8 am Saturday the next morning…. You’ll arrive the day before the event (or sooner if you like) so email us your flight details. We’ll meet you promptly at the Guatemalan airport (airport code GUA) and shuttle you to our first hotel. That night, we’ll be staying at a luxury 4 star hotel, It’s in a very safe area just a few blocks from first world style shopping centers and all those big, bloated embassies…  

Day ZERO- Friday, January 10, 2020

18:00 to 19:00-  ORIENTATION (at our first hotel in Guatemala City)

Day# 1- Saturday, January 11, 2020

06:30 to 08:00– Breakfast, Checkout, and off to the buses 08:00 to 10:00– “Boots on the Ground” REAL ESTATE and “BUBBLE” tour 10:00 to 12:00– Bitcoin Dan, Oscar the Crypto-Currency Miner, Mr. B: Teaching English online for 20 bucks an hour 12:00 to 13:30– Lunch 13:30 to 17:00– On the road 17:00 to 18:00- Our 2nd Seminar Hotel Check-in 20:00 to ?????- Dinner and the Johnny Q and A Show

Day # 2- Sunday, January 12, 2020

06:00 to 08:00– Breakfast. 08:00 to 12:00– Mr. Johnny Mueller; “HEALTHCARE IN LATIN AMERICA”. 12:00 to 14:00– A Spectacular “ Boots on the Ground” adventure 14:00 to 16:00– Lunch on the road 20:00 to ?– Dinner and entertainment on the road

Day #3- Monday, January 13, 2020

06:00 to 08:00– Breakfast. 08:00 to 14:00– Mr. Johnny Mueller; “REAL ESTATE IN LATIN AMERICA”. 14:00 to 15:30– Lunch on the road 16:00 to 19:00– A Spectacular “ Boots on the Ground” adventure 20:00 to ????? – Dinner and entertainment on the road Speaking of real estate- everyone wants to know about the Latin American real estate market… I will not pitch any real estate like other seminars eventually do. None of that here….. of course you did know that 99% of those Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador and Uruguay seminars are thinly disguised property pitches? Well good! That means you’ve been paying attention. Those one-size-fits-all seminar folks have huge support staffs, so to survive they need a slew of products to sell, but when it comes to me and my crew it’s just  the facts, and that’s what you’ll get….

About Latin real estate: there are at least FOUR different real estate markets in Latin America, with wide price variations:

  #1. First-World Style Real Estate “EXPENSIVE” Costa Rica, Panama, Cancun, Rio, the Belize Cays, swaths of Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Uruguay and Argentina, etc., and anywhere within five miles of a port where cruise ships disgorge hordes of souvenir-hungry gringos.   #2. Moderately Expensive- City Real EstateYes, there are some regional  bubbles occurring in most of the bigger Latin major cities right now. Expats with eyes-wide-open see the obvious signs, a mirror of the boom and bust that swept through the US in 2008. As usual, the locals are clueless (another sure bubble sign) and when it pops we expats will be there for the fire sale. We’ll be talking a lot about that….   #3. Low Cost Real Estate (to the gringo mindset anyhow) That’s the case in 90% of the rest of Latin America, but always located in places that are well off the gringo tourist trail. Many of these properties are still at 1980’s US price levels and seem like deals to us (but they’ll drop by half again when the general bubble bursts).   #4. Inexpensive to Very-Low Cost Real EstateYou’ll be amazed how inexpensive it is to build your own house, condo or office. First world rock-solid construction goes for $25-$50 a square foot. That means you can build a brand new 2000 square foot house for 80 grand or so, or a 1000 sq ft job for $50k or much less. You’ll see many examples in our “boots on the ground” portion… Keep in mind I have personally bought, built and sold over a dozen houses and buildings in four different Latin countries. In fact I built my first three projects knowing virtually no Spanish at all. That means almost any gringo can do it. But you need to hear the ground rules from expats like me who’ve done it and made certain mistakes. Not to brag, but I know more about building, buying and selling properties than a truck full of silver-tongued Latin real estate agents or architects. And I guarantee if you follow my tips you will save tens of thousands in the process.  

Back to our Agenda……..


Day # 4- Tuesday, January 14, 2020

06:00 to 08:00- Breakfast 08:00 to 12:00- Mr. Johnny Mueller; “THINGS I CAN’T TALK ABOUT ON THE RADIO” 12:00 to 13:30- Lunch 13:00 to 18:00- Another Spectacular “ Boots on the Ground” adventure 18:00 to ????? – Dinner and Entertainment on the road

Day # 5- Wednesday, January 15, 2020

06:00 to 08:00- Breakfast 08:00 to 09:00- On the road 09:00 to 10:00- Mingling with the masses at an enormous Central Market 10:00 to 12:00- “Boots on the Ground”, Healthcare Clinics, Doctors and Hospitals 12:00 to 13:30- Lunch  14:00 to 16:30- A World-Class Private University tour and much more 16:30 to 17:30- Hotel Check-in 18:00 to 23:00- Dinner and Entertainment (on the road)- “The Last Supper”

Day # 6- Thursday, January 16, 2020

06:00 to 08:00- Breakfast 08:00 to 12:00- Attorney Jose, “What your Latin lawyer can do for you.” 12:00 to 17:00- Lunch in a “secret” location and an unforgettable walking tour 17:00 to ????? – Entertainment and Dinner NOTE: For privacy reasons the above is a much abbreviated version of the agenda. You will be sent a more complete and detailed agenda as we get closer to the seminar launch date.


You already know the first-world is cracking at the edges. If you regularly check the news, the internet and the alternative media you have to be nervous about your own future, and scared too. Who isn’t? No, I don’t mean scared about the Latin American trip! I mean scared about what’s happening right now in the States and Europe…unsolvable problems too numerous to list: Big Brother, NSA surveillance, drones, the FED, the IRS, mind-numbing debts, mega student loan defaults, undeclared wars, the Obamacare disaster, bank bail in’s, the shredding of the Constitution and the incredible shrinking dollar … all the tipping points swaying and tilting, on and on. So how does all that great news square with your personal situation? Got your Plan “B” all squared away? You know a far larger crisis is coming. When it hits, do you know of some secret sweet-spot in the states where to relocate? I’d like to know about it. By the way, have you driven around any big US city lately? If you have you know it’s best to drive fast, with your windows rolled up good and tight, and it’s gonna get worse. If you’re one of those flag wavers who thinks the good old U.S. of A. just needs a little shove or a kick in the pants, or a Trump or Bernie Sanders to get it back on track… you don’t need this seminar, you need to double up on your meds. Seriously now; what’s your retirement package like? Do you have one or are you counting on social security? If that’s the case you might start practicing for the future by sampling some cat food. I know a percentage of Americans say that whatever comes they’ll be ok. Some have a nice income for now and/or a good retirement plan (they probably work for the government). Their day of reckoning is coming so why dissuade them of that fantasy? But as for the rest of us… wouldn’t it be grand to triple your purchasing power and live like a king (or queen) instead of perpetually losing ground along with the rest of the evaporating middle class? You can have all that and much less stress. In Latin America you can do it with ease…. I’m talking about jumping off the treadmill, living a better, healthier, and more laid-back lifestyle. And best of all do it without sacrificing first-world amenities. And guess what? Most of us middle-class expats have full time maids and gardeners to boot! (Now that’s an utter impossibility for all but the filthy rich in the states). And yes, I’m talking about expats who live solely on a SS check who have full-time maids! Sounds unbelievable right? Here’s a little secret: Expats don’t come down to live like the locals or like Peace Corps volunteers, retro-hippies, or Mormons. We come down here because we know we can live 100% first-world lives at third-world prices- that means quite nicely on a social security check.  


Come down and see how it’s done! See how you can successfully follow in the footsteps of others. Meaning you won’t get stuck spending money needlessly and/or end up re-inventing the wheel: That would be a bit nuts. Believe it or not that still happens to untold thousands of fresh, green gringos and would-be Expats. I can’t tell you how many first-world folks come down intending to retire or are fired up with great business plans, only to spin their wheels for a year or two. They drop loads of money on lawyers, translators, fast talking real-estate scammers and con-men. I’ve seen first-hand how many, many green gringos get sold on “once in a lifetime” beachfront properties and such. That stuff happens every day in gringo-saturated areas like Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia and Panama. Bottom line, practically every gringo who tries to do the “Expat thing” by himself gets stung like a starry-eyed rube in the big city. But that won’t happen to you, right? It’s a fact of life that most every newbee expat gets off to a slippery start… I did. Why do it the hard way?   So join me and my excellent little “EXPAT INSIDER’S” group in Central America, Friday, January 10th thru Thursday, January 16th, 2020.

Do Sign up early to take advantage of these “Earlybird” discount prices.

  • $3495 per person
  • $5495 for couples or two people sharing hotel accommodations
  REGISTRATION IS EASY Use one of the following methods: #1. PAYPAL or credit card in one payment:
#2. In Three Equal Payments:
#3. Wire Transfer to our secure Bank Account: (Just send an email to theexpatfiles@gmail.com for bank wiring details)


Sign up and get a free 1 hour one-on-one pre-seminar phone/Skype consult with me, Johnny Mueller (normally $175), that’s when you can ask me anything and everything about the trip, Latin America and/or how your own “Plan B” is coming along. That’s about it for now folks… See You There! Johnny Mueller and the Latin American “Insider” team  


  Knowing you will be a long way from Cleveland- and this might be your first trip “off the tourist trail”- don’t forget the spectacular pre and post-seminar side trips our expert seminar coordinator RITA has arranged in and around Guatemala. With a little planning, you will definitely be able to fit it a lot of amazing stuff….A little exploring should be in your plan, especially if you are killing two birds with one stone by applying for Guatemala residency while down for the seminar. Why? Because you see, if applying for residency, you must plan on staying on in Guatemala for 7 working days after the seminar. Now wouldn’t it be crazy to stay holed up in a hotel all that time? That’s what the side trips are all about…it’s a terrific way to know Guatemala and make some invaluable connections at the same time.  That said, I urge prospective seminar attendees to add a few days to the back end of your trip to explore (and be sure to add at east 7 working days if you are applying for Guatemalan residency). And of course we will help and hold your hand through all of it..        

We accept